Oil production department

PERSSEH Company was established in 2010, the aim of its oil production department is to produce natural and virgin oils. We supply the products in pure form.

Production of these oils (edible and medicinal oils) is using cold press machines.
These products are produced and supplied with the best raw materials and special packaging.
In the production of each oil model, a special and suitable device is used, which causes the produced oil to have the highest quality level.
Cold pressed oil is extracted from the oilseeds without the use of solvents or any other chemical substance and even without the use of heat and only through the application of physical pressure. In this method, the efficiency and quantity of the resulting oil are lower, but the oil has the highest quality.

Cold pressing oil extraction and production of high-quality natural oil
Utilizing the latest cold press machines
High precision packaging system in a variety of volumes
Oil extraction with maximum efficiency along with testing the fat content of the cake
Pressing all types of grains (soft-hard) as soon as possible
Advice on installing cold press oil extraction lines