Relying on more than ten years of experience in setting up Cold press plants, PERSSEH Holding provides drawing services, design, and implementation of cold press factories in various production capacities. The design unit of PERSSEH Group consists of industrial designers and architects specializing in the design of oil production units who have full experience and familiarity with the design ideology of a cold press factory. To date, near to 100 projects for the design and construction of workshops and lubrication plants in various countries have been put into operation. Among the services of PERSSEH Holding is free specialized consulting in the field of designing cold press production units. You can submit your consultation request through the link below, our specialists will contact you.


A factory building is a set of spaces with effective communication for optimal, economic, and logical production The Cold press factory design process consists of separate parts, including Choosing the location of the factory, dividing the different parts of the factory, how to connect different spaces and uses of the factory and considering the necessary areas for each part. For the optimal and practical design of the factory with the possibility of development in the coming years, different parts of the production unit will be prepared in the form of various stains on the site. To locate the main units of the factory, in general, the following steps are considered in order to design the factory

Objectives and studies required before starting cold press factory design

Design goals include simplifying the production process, reducing the transfer of materials, reducing product production time, reducing investment, and better use of human resources. In general, with the help of proper design and modeling, before the implementation of the project, by reviewing the production process, possible defects in the production process can be predicted and possible errors can be prevented.


Location of the factory

Several criteria are effective for considering cold press factory location
The first and most important factor to consider a favorable site is access to abundant and cheap raw materials
The next factor is access to the consumer market
The third factor is easy to access to water resources
The fourth factor is access to energy resources, the factor of energy and access to sustainable energy is very effective in terms of the final cost of the product
The fifth factor is access to communication channels appropriate to the construction site
Sixth is the reasonable price of land and having political and military security
The seventh factor is easy and close access to skilled and semi-skilled manpower and personnel the last factor is paying attention to the factory land area and predicting future development


Preparing initial maps and spotting the site according to the required areas of each section

In the initial stage, after conducting the necessary studies for the construction of the Cold press factory, the necessary information such as the area of production halls of the required warehouses and the machinery of the factory, the amount of required office space, laboratories, security and etc. are collected. After collecting the required information of the factory, the information is analyzed and the capacity of the factory such as the number of required devices, the type of factory devices, the number and size of each section are determined.


Forecast of industrial unit facilities (factory)

Key and important points about selecting and designing factory facilities

Calculating the capacity and preparing schematic drawings of factory devices

To select a Cold press machine in the production line, the first step that is done is to estimate the volume of the desired production products. By calculating the amount of production capacity of the device and the amount of product required and calculating the useful time of operation of the devices, the number of devices required in each stage is calculated.


specifications of a suitable design

– Possibility of developing the factory in the future
– Predict how to achieve maximum efficiency for workers and machinery
– Considering the health and safety issues of workers and the product (Pay attention to safety in the production process in the factory)
– Minimize transportation and efficient use of time
– Pay attention to health and safety standards
– Flexibility in quantity, type and even production process